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Arunachal Pradesh Police Department welcomes you all on M-Sewa App Portal with various Mobile Apps for your safety and security.

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ARUNACHAL SURAKSHA App is an Android Mobile App developed by Arunachal Pradesh Police Department in collaboration with NIC-AR to provide safety and Security to the citizens and Tourists in Arunachal Pradesh. Using this App, Arunachal Pradesh Police locates and provides Safety to any citizen or visitor in threats.

  • Nearest PCR

    Call, SMS and Map Directions to the Nearest Police Station

  • Emergency Contacts

    Save and Contact Family & Friends in Emergency on a Single-Click

  • Video Recording

    Video Recording Available for evidence purpose

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An Android-based Police Directory App to find contact details of police officials. Users can download the App to find the communication details of police officers and officials and may contact via SMS or Phone Calls. Options Available in the App are:

Find By Personal Details

Users can search for the police officials by their: Name | Phone No. | Email ID

Call or SMS in Emergency

Users can communicate to police officials in case of any emergency via Call or SMS options.

Find by Official Details

Users can search for the police officials by their: Designation | Department | Posting Location

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